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Tobermory Municipal Airport
Tobermory (NRA)


The airstrip at Tobermory has a paved runway 3180 feet in length and 75 feet wide. The Arcal runway lights operate automatically. 


The Tobermory Airport is owned and operated by the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula and is located just off Highway #6 on Warner Bay Road (N45 14 W81 38). Airport services include fuel (100 low lead, Avgas) oil, hangars, tie-downs, free parking, picnic tables, and Tobermory Unicom Radio - frequency 122.8.


Open seasonally each year from May to October 31st, the Airport is staffed during all daylight hours in the summer and 6-days a week during the off-season.


The Tobermory Municipal Airport is just 4.5 km (2.8 miles) from the shops and galleries of Little Tub Harbour, varied restaurants and accommodations.  The Airport is just minutes from the many accesses to the world famous Bruce Trail, Bruce Peninsula National Park and the boat tours of Fathom Five National Marine Park, including Flowerpot Island.  Please note that Tobermory does not have a car rental at the airport.


Contact the Tobermory Airport at (519) 596-2898. More information at the Northern Bruce Peninsula website.

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