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The mission of the Bruce Trail Association is to provide a public footpath along the Niagara Escarpment and promote protection of the escarpment and appreciation of its natural beauty.

Do you enjoy the outdoors, listening to the birds sing, walking through a light dappled woods, walking along a cliff edge, stopping to view the spectacular scenic lookouts along the Georgian Bay shore and the challenge of a easy to moderate to difficult hike?

If your answer is Yes, to any of the previous questions then you will enjoy hiking the Bruce Trail along the Peninsula. Come and enjoy an hour's walk, a full day's hike or a trip of several days. The trail can take you into another world, a world where the pace is slower, where there's time to stop and notice nature's small wonders; a place of solitude and charm.

Discover yourself and the world of nature. Bring along your camera, binoculars and perhaps a sketch book and discover a whole world of natural treasures. The Bruce Trail provides a living classroom for your family as they observe the ever changing activities of the Escarpments varied ecosystems.

The trail passes waterfalls and scenic viewpoints; it meanders along rivers, farms and forests; it takes you over headlands and through gorges.



Bruce Trail Mission Statement

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle as you participate in the best physical fitness program possible.

The Bruce Trail Association is one of Canada's most respected conservation groups. Preserving tomorrow is our responsibility as there is nothing so precious that we can leave for future generations than a gift of unspoiled nature. The trail was built and is continually maintained by volunteer Club members, people who believe in the dream and are committed to the footpath. Take advantage of the benefits of membership and the opportunity to help protect the natural environment.

The Peninsula section has 170 km of main trail and 65 km of side trail between Wiarton and Tobermory. The end to end hike is not for the faint of heart or the poorly prepared. The Peninsula section of the trail is rugged and services are few, a mishap or miscalculation can become a serious incident.

On the other hand, there are many access points along the Peninsula section of the Trail and a growing number of campgrounds, Bed and Breakfast's and Motel/Hotels for overnight accommodation.

When hiking

Be prepared, always let someone know where you plan to hike and when you expect to be back. Take a map and plenty of water. Wear suitable clothing and footwear.

Some mileage information

Tobermory to Little Cove - easy to moderate - 6 km
Little Cove to the National Park - moderate to strenuous - 14 km
National Park (Cyprus Lake) to Emmett Lake - strenuous to difficult - 6 km
Emmett Lake to Crane River Gate - strenuous to moderate - 15 km.

Hours of operation
Spring and Fall
10am - 05pm
09am - 05pm
Tobermory Chamber of Commerce
7420 Highway 6 | P.O. Box 250 
Tobermory, ON, N0H 2R0 Canada

Phone: (519) 596-2452
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