Leatherwood Garden

Leatherwood Garden Leatherwood Garden

Leatherwood Garden
41 Barney’s Boulevard, Miller Lake, Ontario, N0H 1Z0
Phone: (226) 974-2582


Leatherwood Garden is an expansive 6-acre permaculture home garden on the Northern Bruce Peninsula that features lush forest trails, enchanting wooded chambers, and a colourful array of plants and flowers on display and for sale. A photographer’s delight, Leatherwood Garden is open May to September, Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am-8pm, $10 adult, $5 child/youth.

Leatherwood Garden is uniquely situated within the ecosystem of a large old growth Niagara Escarpment forest. Winding straw garden paths weave through interlacing garden beds, tall wild flower meadows and a surrounding forest of deciduous and evergreen trees. A symphony of song birds fills the air and opportunities abound for sightings of other animals of the Bruce Peninsula. Socially distanced seating areas are found at key garden sites such as the children’s playground and the cedar forest chambers. Child friendly chalkboard signs name key vegetable plants and flowers. Learning opportunities for adults and children alike will be further developed with print books, workshops, and guided trail walks.  

Leatherwood Garden is founded upon the principles of permaculture agriculture which is a method of building garden solutions as seamlessly as possible by optimizing interactions with the surrounding ecosystem. For example, in some wet areas we have built hügelkultur beds which are carbon capture raised beds constructed of decaying wood debris and the overturned turf from garden beds. Hügelkultur beds improve soil fertility, retain water and provide soil warming for a longer growing season. In keeping with permaculture design principles, our hügelkultur beds solve a particular situation (which was water collection in some areas). The hügelkultur beds collect that resource at peak abundance and with the absorption of water then use that moisture sustainably on drier days. 


The Leatherwood Garden forest is home to the following natural flora and fauna:

Shrubs: Leatherwood

Conifer Trees: Balsam Fir, White Cedar, Eastern Hemlock, 

Deciduous Trees: Aspen, Beech, Sugar Maple, Ash, White birch, Yellow birch

Flowers: Yellow Lady Slipper, Rattlesnake Plantain, Striped Coral Root, Trout Lily, White Trillium, Red Trillium, Tall Buttercup, Thistle, Wild Strawberry, Northern Blue Violet, Indian pipe

Moss and Lichen: Wolf’s Claw Club Moss, Ground Pine, Pin Cushion Moss, Juniper Moss, Reindeer Lichen, Trumpet Lichen, Bristly Beard Lichen

Forest Garden Critters: Red-Backed Salamander, American Toad, Northern Leopard Frogs, Painted Turtle, Garter Snake, Massasauga Rattlesnake, Eastern Chipmunk, Red Squirrel, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Pileated Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, American Robin, Black Capped Chickadee, Eastern Phoebe, Monarch Butterfly, Bumblebee, Dragonflies

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