Tobermory Air Tours

Owen Sound Flight Services provide sightseeing tours, charters and flight training.

We will be offering air tours from the Tobermory airport starting around June 17th 2017 (more details to follow)

We will be offering flight durations between 14 - 75 mins long flying over attractions such as the Big Tub shipwrecks, Flowerpot Island and the Grotto. Also Cabot Head and Cape Chin.

Tickets will be available online and at the Tobermory aiirport.


Please visit our website for more information


Seeing the Bruce Peninsula from the air is a breathtaking experience not to be missed!

Additional Info

  • Address: 44.584999, -80.835313
  • Street Address: 203807 Hwy 26, Owen Sound Airport, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5W4
  • Phone: 519-372-1259
  • Email:

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